Ayurveda courses

Ayurveda massages course

There are 10 types of massages in Ayurveda and they all promote holistic positive health, overcome fatigue, strengthen the nervous system, improve eyesight, nourish the bodily tissues, increase longevity, normalise sleep, instil flexibility and sturdiness as well as to maintain good health in general. Different from pressure point western massage, Ayurvedic massage uses various types of oils and herbs.

Here is the list of Ayurveda massages included in this course:

  • Abhyanga (Head and Body massage)
  • Potali Massage (Herbal Bolus Massage)
  • Udvartana (Powder Massage)
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Head Massage
  • Stress Release Massage
  • Padabhyanga
  • Earth Stone Massage
  • Milk rice Bolus Massage
  • Marma Massage (only an introduction into this course, see specific Marma course for full training on this special pressure massage technique)

Syllabus of the Ayurveda massage course:

  • Introduction
  • Ayurveda principles
  • Concept of massages in Ayurveda
  • Focus on each type of Ayurveda Massage (see list above)
  • Types of ayurvedic oils
  • How to make ayurvedic oils
  • Overview of Ayurveda essential oils                                                                                                                 

Key information

Duration: 10 days (3 hours every day)

Theory sessions: 1.5 hours every day

Practical sessions: 1.5 hours every day