Back, Neck & Shoulders treatments

We offer 4 types of Back, Neck & Shoulders treatments with oils, herbs or accu-pression. Check-out the detailed description below and choose the treatment that suites you. Our doctor is here to advice you the best treatment according to your health condition and Ayurveda personal profile.

Key Information

4 different treatments

Duration of each treatment: 30 minutes

Back, Neck & Shoulders treatments

Back massage


A deep back massage using Ayurveda oils and accu-pressure points. It releases all knots, ackings and stiffness from your back bones, muscles and joints.

Duration: 30 mintes

Back, neck & shoulders massage


A perfect answer for asking back, neck or shoulders. Squeezing, pressing and stretching movements release knots and aches.

Duration: 30 minutes

Back oleation


Called Kati Basti in Sanskrit. It involves the retention of specially prepared warm medicated oil over the lower back and any other spine areas for a certain period. 

Indication: all types of back pain, sciatica, spondylosis, disc prolapse and spinal dislocations:

Duration: 30 minutes

Neck oleation


Called Greeva Basti in Sanskrit. It one of the major treatments in  Ayurveda, specialised in neck pain treatment and any disease related to neck and cervical region.

Duration: 30 minutes