Face treatments

We offer 3 types of face treatments with oils, herbs, scrub or accu-pression. Check-out the detailed description below and choose the treatment that suites you. Our doctor is here to advice you the best treatment according to your health condition and Ayurveda personal profile.

Key Information

3 different treatments

Duration of each treatment: 60 minutes

Face treatments

Facial massage


Combining Ayurveda face oils massage with a deep face accu-pressure points massage (called Marma in Sanskrit) to relax all your face skin, muscles, joints and bones. A deep relaxing treatment to rejuvenate and refresh your entire face.

Duration: 60 minutes

Facial detox


Medicated herbal paste is applied to the face and scrubbed, then massaged with herbal oil followed by a facial steam, herbal mask and Ayurvedic beauty cream. A full face detox package.

Duration: 60 minutes

Facial lifting


Sandalwood ans Saffron have a great rejuvenation properties all with rose water, black Himalayan clay and best Ayurvedic herbs to get you a new face glow like never before.

Duration: 60 minutes