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Marma massage course

Marma are the vital points on the body. The word Marma comes from Sanskrit origin word ‘mri’ meaning critical point for life. Hence these areas called Marma are critical for our energy flow and enable the body to perform its function normally and efficiently. 107 Marma points are enumerated in the Vedas and special pression massage techniques need to be learned for each Marma point.

During ancient times, knowledge of Marma was known to kings and warriors. It was applied in battle fields to hit and achieve maximum lethal effect on enemies. This science was used both in warfare and surgery. From common ailments to serious neuromuscular diseases, all can be treated by Marma therapy.

There are 5 categories of Marma points:

  • Muscles Marma (Mamsa) : 11 Points
  • Bones Marma (Asthi) : 8Points
  • Tendons &ligamants Marma (Snayu) : 27Points
  • Joints Marma(Sandhi) : 20Points
  • Nerves,Veins&ArteriesMarma(Shira) : 41Points

There are four basic purposes of Marma massage:

  1. It remove  blocks in energy channels called shrotas.
  2. It pacifies vata dosha, (air and space elements ), bringing it to its normal path— especially vyana vata, (a sub-dosha which controls the autonomic nervous system.) 
  3. It creates physical, mental and emotional flexibility.  Because of ama (toxins) and because of vata, human beings after 35 or 40 years of age become rigid — and this happens to animals and plants as well.  As vata increases in   body, it leads to degeneration.  This rigidity  means becoming fixed in ideas, emotions and physical movements. 
  4. This gentle treatment creates an opportunity to experience powerful and dynamic transformation at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level  by building a positive link with the unconscious mind.  Many a times, people are not able to go outside their ‘comfort zone’.  They think they have absolute limitations.  After Marma is done, they can start taking positive risks.

Syllabus of the Marma massage course :

  • Introduction                                      
  • Ayurveda principles                                                     
  • Classifications of Marma            
  • Sites of marma                                                       
  • Benefits of Marma  therapy      
  • Oils for marma                                                             
  •  Technique of Marma massage for each Marma point
  • Practicing sessions

Key information

Duration: 7 days (3 hours every day)

Theory sessions: 1.5 hours every day

Practical sessions: 1.5 hours every day