Ayurveda holistic Therapies

Pancha Karma detox therapy


Panchakarma is Ayurveda's primary purification and detoxification treatment. Panchakarma means "five therapies". These 5 therapeutic treatments eliminate toxins from the body. This holistic therapy is fully customized to your Ayurveda body profile (Doshas) and health condition. It lasts from 3 days to 28 days continuously.


Ayurveda massage therapy


There are 10 types of massages in Ayurveda and they all promote holistic positive health, overcome fatigue, strengthen the nervous system, improve eyesight, nourish the bodily tissues, increase longevity, normalise sleep, instil flexibility and sturdiness as well as to maintain good health in general. Different from pressure point western massage, Ayurvedic massage uses various types of oils and herbs.


Marma massage therapy


Marma are the vital points on the body. The word Marma comes from Sanskrit origin word ‘mri’ meaning critical point for life. Hence these areas called Marma are critical for our energy flow and enable the body to perform its function normally and efficiently. 107 Marma points are enumerated and special pression massage techniques need to be learned for each Marma point.


Ayurveda specific therapies

Online consultation with Dr. Pooja


Get your customised consultation with Dr. Pooja Gangwar to define the Ayurveda therapy that you can do at your home. All herbs & oils will be directly shipped to your address all with a comprehensive prescription. 


Relaxing & Stress therapy


It is well accepted that stress is the greatest threat to your well being. Stress weakens the immune system. Stress plays a role in the onset of just about every disease people face, from the common cold to heart disease. Not only is stress invisible, it is created by the person who is affected by it. This therapy helps people understand that, just as they have the ability to create the experience of stress, they also have the ability to create the experience of peace of mind.


Diseases aimed therapy


Ayurveda medicine in rich with millennials of healing experience. It offers several tailored therapies aimed to heal your disease conditions. And all these therapies are based on natural herbs and oils and have no side effects, unlike modern medicine,